Piano Service


Pianos are considered to be highly sophisticated instruments that require careful maintenance and servicing. The frequency of such maintenance depends on the specific instrument and usage patterns. Typically, pianos should be professionally maintained at least once or twice a year. Factors like playing hours, number of users, as well as the environment in which the piano is situated can influence this frequency. It is unfortunate that many individuals cease their musical endeavors without understanding the underlying cause for their lack of enjoyment. In some cases, an untuned piano may contribute to this discouragement! When a piano falls out of tune, it can lead one to believe they are not competent enough to pursue further musical education or even diminish enthusiasm within an entire family group learning together."

However,  piano tuning service and piano repair service goes beyond just tuning. Issues such as sticky keys, noisy pedals, broken music racks (music book holders), or damaged piano benches can detract from the enjoyment of playing. Similar to driving a car with malfunctioning brakes or inadequate lighting on the road, these problems are widespread and should not be ignored until our piano's performance is compromised.


When a piano begins to sound off-key and deteriorates in its overall functionality, it may require multiple sessions over several months for a technician to restore it to optimal condition. However, regular tuning and servicing offer numerous benefits including improved accuracy in tone production and more consistent tuning stability. Ultimately, this translates into enhanced satisfaction when playing your instrument.